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What Makes a Bonsai Expensive and Valuable to Owners

When you are caring for your first bonsai the bug to join the hobby will already have bitten you, with many owners naturally thinking that their bonsais are the best. Bonsai trees can be extremely expensive and if you are still in the early stages of learning about the trees this can be confusing. What […]

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History of the Elegant Bonsai: An Artform Built Through Time

Bonsai trees have been around the world for a few centuries now. If you want to know the history of stylish bonsai that has become advanced through the years? Continue on below to learn more about the detailed history of bonsai.  Over the years, many styles and structures have advanced to classify bonsai trees. The […]

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7 Powerful Reasons Why Bonsai Pots Are Expensive

The bonsai pot is an extension of the beauty of the bonsai tree. They are not just boring clay pots. They have designs and styles that complement the bonsai’s beauty. But bonsai pots are sometimes not as affordable as you’d want them to be. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered why […]

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How Often Should a Bonsai Be Watered to Stay Healthy?

That little tree is your pride and joy, you’re loving the attention you can poor into it while seeing constant result s from all the hard work you are doing. Many first-time bonsai lovers learn the hard way that there is a limit to what you can and cannot do. One of the hardest and […]

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Does Your Bonsai Need Specialized Soil for Best Growth?

A Bonsai plant needs years and years of gentle love and care. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind for ensuring adequate growth of your Bonsai. A lot of beginners often ask, do Bonsai need special soil? We have collected information regarding this matter from the best Bonsai experts worldwide. […]

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Tips to Making a Bonsai Tree: Unlimited Imagination

Growing a small tree is the one thing we all know we’ll love, having something small and refreshing in any room of our house. The trick that few people realize is that growing a tree yourself can be easy, so can you bonsai any tree? With the trees that you buy at shops only being […]

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