What Is A Bonsai Money Tree

More Than Meets the Eye: The Symbolism of Money Tree Bonsais

Beyond their unique braided trunks, money tree bonsais represent prosperity. Discover their origins, cultural importance and care tips.

Cherry Blossom Bonsai: How to Care for This Amazing Beauty

When you think bonsai tree the chances are the first thing you will imagine is a small tree with bright pink or faded flowers on it. This is the most iconic bonsai tree in the world and goes hand in hand with the original creators of the bonsai tree and the reason they were first…

Ficus ginseng bonsai on white plantpot. Ficus Retusa.

Ginseng Ficus Bonsai: Explore the Art of Miniature Trees

Welcome to the world of ginseng ficus bonsai – a miniature tree that offers beauty and tranquility to any space.

Beginner to Bonsai: Choosing the Best Bonsai Tree for Me

When someone is thinking of starting their bonsai, the first thing that usually pops in their mind is, which is the best bonsai tree for beginners? If you are interested in bonsai and want to know which trees are good for getting started, then you’re in luck! Because that is exactly what this article’s about….

Azalea Bonsai Care 101: A Guide for The Total Beginner

Azalea bonsai is a beautiful and delicate plant that requires special care and attention. If you are a fan of bonsai trees, then an azalea bonsai should definitely be on your wish list. However, caring for an azalea bonsai can be a bit tricky as it has specific needs that must be met. In this…

bonsai anthurium plant

Anthurium Bonsai: Plant Care Guide For Long Robust Life

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful houseplant to add to your collection? Look no further than the bonsai anthurium! This unique houseplant is easy to care for, and with just a few simple tips, you can have it looking its best. In this blog post, we’ll share our top tips on how to…

Nice looking bonsai trident maple

Beginners Guide to Trident Maple Bonsai Trees & Needed TLC

Are you looking for an exciting bonsai tree? The trident maple can be an excellent choice for beginners. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the trident maple as a bonsai tree, from what it is to how to care for it. We’ll discuss watering habits, pruning and wiring, pest and…

Can Juniper Bonsai Survive Winter?

Many people want to know, “Can juniper bonsai survive the winter?” Well, yes it can, but only if you are careful. The colder the climate, the longer it should be in dormancy during the winter. But there are artificial measures you can take to extend the period of winter dormancy. This article discusses these methods…