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Bonsai Trees For Beginners: Guide to High Quality Care

You may be surprised to open a gift and find a neatly wrapped bonsai tree, or you simply bought one that looked amazing from your local nursery. Now that you have the bonsai tree you need to start caring for it in the right way, this is the way that many people start losing their […]

Choosing the Ultimate Bonsai Pot for Beginners

The purpose of creating a bonsai tree is to replicate nature in a small format. If you are planning to make bonsai and have done even the most basic research then I’m sure you know the importance of choosing the right bonsai pot by now. But, how do you do that? Choosing the right bonsai […]

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Cut Paste ( Control How Scar Tissue Forms and Looks )

Pruning bonsai is essential to get the ideal form and size. Cutting branches and foliage is therefore a necessary aspect of bonsai cultivation. These cuts often create scars that may or may not heal naturally. However, many bonsai growers use cut paste to lessen the scars. But, is bonsai cut paste necessary?  It is not mandatory […]

Bonsai & Epsom Salt ( Increasing Root and Foliage Growth )

There’s hardly any gardener who hasn’t heard of the benefits of Epsom salt as it is widely used to nourish plants from ancient times. This natural supplement helps in the enrichment and growth of plants. Have you ever wondered, is epsom salt good for bonsai? Let’s get into it! Epsom salt is considered good for bonsai […]

Bonsai Outdoor ( When to Bring Them Inside to Save Them )

If you are a bonsai enthusiast, you are most likely worried about the upcoming winter. Depending on where you live, you might have to bring your bonsai indoors during the winter. Some bonsai species are unable to survive outside in the cold. So, you may ask, how cold is too cold for bonsai? Tropical bonsai […]

Coffee & Bonsai ( Healthy Addition to Soil and Aid Growth )

If you kick off your day with a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee, then it’s about time you put the discarded coffee grounds into use. And if you’re thinking about using it on your bonsai tree, then you’re already on the right track. But, are coffee grounds good for bonsai trees? Let’s find out! […]

Why Adding Bonsai to the Bedroom Helps Aid Relaxation

Over time, people have begun to appreciate the value of bonsai plants. Firstly, because it adds visual appeal to your home, and second, because it provides psychological and health advantages. This may intrigue you to put a bonsai plant in your bedroom. However, most naturally, you may also question whether is bonsai good for the […]

How Are New Bonsai Born? (From Seeds, Cuttings, Etc)

Planting trees is also a way of planting hope in our lives. Growing a bonsai tree is considered an art and this isn’t something you would consider a time pass. One needs to be passionate enough to perform this art and requires patience. But you may be asking yourself, how is bonsai reared? A bonsai […]