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Bonsai Trees For Beginners: Guide to High Quality Care

You may be surprised to open a gift and find a neatly wrapped bonsai tree, or you simply bought one that looked amazing from your local nursery. Now that you have the bonsai tree you need to start caring for it in the right way, this is the way that many people start losing their […]

Choosing the Ultimate Bonsai Pot for Beginners

The purpose of creating a bonsai tree is to replicate nature in a small format. If you are planning to make bonsai and have done even the most basic research then I’m sure you know the importance of choosing the right bonsai pot by now. But, how do you do that? Choosing the right bonsai […]

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Best Bonsai Age To Begin Wiring For Optimal Growth

Wiring is an integral part of the bonsai. It provides your tree the shape you want. You can say that this is the major “Art” aspect of your bonsai. Without wiring, your bonsai will not look as aesthetically pleasing as you might expect it to be. Now, many people new to the craft wonder, how […]

How Long for Bonsai Wiring to “Set” & Is It Needed?

So many people live under the impression that Bonsai plants are dwarf genetically. While in reality, they’re just like every other plant. To keep it miniature, you’ll need to use complex procedures and styling strategies. Wiring is one of them. Wiring is a technique that uses wire to bend and rearrange branches.  In general, it […]

What is the Purpose Behind Bonsai Wiring?

When you own a bonsai tree, there are several important techniques you may need to learn to take care of it. After successfully developing a system for basic pruning and repotting, you may have many questions about how to get started with shaping your bonsai. And that is where bonsai wires come in. If you […]

Are Money Trees a Type of Bonsai?

As an indoor houseplant, Money trees have a separate fanbase. Many believe that this plant is a symbol of prosperity and brings good luck to those who own it. But there is a lot of confusion surrounding whether or not is money tree a bonsai?  The money tree or Pachira Aquatica is not a type […]

Bonsai Value [ Bonsai Market and Worth ]

A Bonsai tree is one of the most expensive species of plant on earth. Anybody who has no idea about the art of creating a Bonsai can not truly understand its value. It takes ages for a tiny tree to grow into a Bonsai. So, you must be wondering, how much do Bonsai sell for? […]

Bonsai Fruit Trees [ Is it Edible & Any Side Effects ]

Despite how tiny they look, a bonsai tree is a full-sized tree that is kept miniature by applying various techniques. A popular misconception is that a bonsai tree is a small tree that can only grow fragrant flowers. But don’t be fooled by its miniature looks. If you are new to the world of bonsai […]