Bonsai Value [ Bonsai Market and Worth ]

  • By: Josh Koop
  • Date: September 1, 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.
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A Bonsai tree is one of the most expensive species of plant on earth. Anybody who has no idea about the art of creating a Bonsai can not truly understand its value. It takes ages for a tiny tree to grow into a Bonsai . So, you must be wondering, how much do Bonsai sell for?

As per the current market situation, a Bonsai tree can be worth a hundred dollars to millions of dollars! Moreover, there are a lot of factors you need to bear in mind while pricing your Bonsai. For example, the plant’s cost, the pot, soil, labor costs, grooming costs, its longevity, etc.

If you plan to buy a Bonsai yourself or even sell one, you must understand how the market works. Also, you will need to know where to look if you want to buy a Bonsai. So, to evaluate the facts clearly, please read the entire article.

What Is The Market Value Of A Bonsai?

Like anything else, there is a range for the asking price and the selling price of Bonsai. Generally, the selling price ranges roughly from 15 dollars to over a million!

Some people will think it’s stupid to spend over a million on a tree. In fact, many would frown upon spending more than a hundred dollars even to buy one!

Undoubtedly, a Bonsai is not the same as any other ordinary plant. It takes ages of patience to build the tree of your dreams.

As per data, the Bonsai market will grow by 5% in the next seven years. That is to say, in 2027, the market will bid higher by 5%.

The Bonsai market is running on profits right now. Usually, it takes 3 to 5 years for a small sapling to grow into a viable Bonsai .

So, you have to calculate the entire costs and expenses for 3 or 5 years. Summing it up should amount to, say, a little more than a hundred dollars.

Imagine you bought a sapling for only 50 cents or a dollar. After your five years of hard work, you decide to sell it for 500 dollars! This is just a tiny example of how much profit you could make.

So, think about the giant trees that have been living for 30 or 40 years. Indeed, when you sell something like that, you have to add up all your expenses. Thus, it is not surprising how the price stands at such a high standard!

When Do Bonsai Prices Rise?

Basically, the golden period of the market is during the holidays or special occasions. A Bonsai tree can be a very thoughtful gift . Hence, all markets recognize the value of these Bonsai trees during these times really well.

There is a good rise in price during Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, etc. So, if you have a Bonsai lying around and an occasion is nearing, maybe it’s time to test your luck! You may make a fortune selling your Bonsai!

Why Are The Bonsai Trees So Expensive?

A Bonsai tree is the emblem of all your labor that was spent on making it. Just like how a parent nurtures their child , you nurture your Bonsai. A lot of factors need to be considered when you price a Bonsai.

Suppose you own a Bonsai for 30 years. So, it stayed in its container for 30 long years. Obviously, you had to feed it every once in a while.

You watered it for at least a minute every day. So, this sums up to more than 6 hours in a year. And in 30 years, it’s 180 hours!

Say, the labor charge is 20 dollars per hour. So, after 180 hours, it should amount to something around $4,000. There you have your labor charges or maintenance costs straightened out.

Furthermore, the potting, repotting, wiring, etc., cost you another 2,000$ in 30 years. And the additional expenses of pruning and grooming, soil, compost, insecticides, gardening tools, and nursery rent should amount to another $10,000.

Therefore, your estimated cost now stands near to $20,000, in 30 years. Naturally, you would definitely keep a fair share of profit when you sell something as honorable as that.

Your 30 years of expenses should be covered, and you should be left with some additional money.

It is just about the common Bonsai species we are talking about. In fact, there are Bonsai trees that have lived hundreds of years and are sold for millions.

So, now, if anybody tells you that spending millions on Bonsai is meaningless, just lay down your facts to them!

Where To Buy Bonsai Trees?

A lot of people often keep looking for Bonsai trees at affordable ranges. But to be fair, in this market, you have to pay a little more. However, the cheapest deals are often found online or at local stores.

Now, for people thinking, is there a market for Bonsai trees ? Yes, there are hundreds of stores within your reach where you can buy Bonsai trees or saplings .

There are outlets, nurseries, gardens, and even online stores to choose from. Usually, Amazon and Walmart have good deals on Bonsai saplings and seeds.

Besides, some famous online stores are Urban Stoneworks, Etsy, Super pages, Oriental Decor, Bonsai of Brooklyn, House of Bonsai, etc. You can check out their official website to obtain the best deals at present!

3 Most Costly Bonsai Trees In The World

Overall, the price of Bonsai varies from species to species. Not all species have the same worth. Some require more love and care, which come at a higher price.

Here, I will try to speculate the top three and the most expensive Bonsai around the world. Take a look at the following Bonsai trees .

Shunkaen Bonsai

It is the most expensive Bonsai and is about 800 years old. It is now kept at a gallery in Tokyo. Every year lots of visitors come to Japan to see the Shunkaen.

Furthermore, the natives named it after the place the tree grew up in. It has a market worth of 90,000 US dollars. If you are a Bonsai enthusiast, you must go visit the Shunkaen once in your life.

The Goshin Bonsai

Basically, the Goshin Bonsai was donated to the national center of development for Bonsai in the US. Now, they portray it at the National Arboretum.

John Naka owned it. He owned the tree since 1948 and took great care of it. Then, it was donated. It is the most costly Bonsai in the US .

Sang Shohin’s Bonsai

It is a flowering plant. The flowers are so damn beautiful and grow only in the summer. So, it is in full bloom only on sunny days. Nevertheless, during winter, the flowers change their colors. They change into red colored flowers with stripes.

Actually, the rarity of the flowers makes it so unique; the reason why it is one of the most expensive Bonsai trees in the world.


Only a person with a deep love for Bonsai can understand the actual value of a Bonsai tree. It would be best to put a reasonable price for the years of perseverance the owner put in it.

So, you must have got the answers to your queries about how much do Bonsai trees sell for. In fact, it is worth so much more!

I hope this article benefited you to know about the market value of Bonsai. Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Sending love to your Bonsai ! And thank you for stopping by.