Fertilizing with Miracle Gro: Safe or Dangerous to Bonsai

  • By: Josh Koop
  • Date: February 8, 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.
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Anyone who loves having plants around their place has for once considered adding a Bonsai plant to their garden. Looking into maintaining and keeping a bonsai tree can be a pleasant investment if the correct care is given. A common question that arises is whether fertilizing with Miracle-Gro is safe or dangerous to Bonsai?

No, you should not use Miracle-Gro on bonsai trees. Miracle Grow does not contain the nutrients fundamental to providing proper bonsai growth. While Miracle Grow could be a high-level fertilizer, it does not have adequate levels of phosphorus needed to grow a bonsai.

Each bonsai tree comes with its care necessities and the source of its supplements ought to be speculated. With proper nurturing, a bonsai can last for more than a century .

In order to understand how Miracle-Gro works with bonsai trees let us first know how a bonsai should be maintained.

Miracle-Gro is Unhealthy for Bonsai 

Miracle-Gro makes gardening easier for everybody. Miracle-Gro supplies a huge sum of nitrogen for plants so that they grow big, bushy, quick, and green.

Miracle-Gro contains nitrogen that is derived from water-soluble nitrates and synthetic ammonium that produces off-chemicals harmful to the soil. 

The formula for Miracle-Gro is so strong that if utilized inaccurately, the fertilizer will burn the leaves and roots of your plants. A need for phosphorus in fertilizer leads to weak roots.

This is what affects a bonsai plant grown using Miracle-Gro. There are other notable factors why Miracle-Gro is dangerous to use on a bonsai.

Indoor and Outdoor Bonsai

There are both outdoor and indoor bonsai plants. In most cases, like normal trees, Bonsais should be placed outside . However, some people prefer growing a bonsai tree indoors which requires different care and nurture than that outside.

Bonsai require a lot of nourishment, the lack of phosphorus available in Miracle-Gro would cause a fall in balance for bonsai.

You can choose from the different types of subjects for bonsai out there , such as Ficus, Crassula (jade plant), Carmona (tea plant), Schefflera, Chinese elm, Rosemary, and many more. Whether choose to develop from a shrub or bonsai fruit trees, the steps are common to all:

Miracle-Gro components 

Miracle-Gro contains an excessive amount of nitrogen which is too much for a bonsai to absorb.

With bonsai trees cultivated in very little amounts of soil, too much of anything can decrease its lifespan or harm the tree.

Miracle-Gro also contains off-chemicals that are harmful to the soil.


Do not plant your Bonsai tree on direct soil. Soil makes the roots of a bonsai rot because of issues with moisture control. With Miracle-Gro fertilizers mixed with soil components, it makes it harmful for a bonsai to grow on it.

Bonsai are also in constant need of excessive water to be extracted which makes much of the fertilizers wash away anyways.

Different types of Bonsai

There are different types of bonsai trees that survive when using fertilizers such as Miracle Go not specific for bonsai. It is still unhealthy for a bonsai tree to grow on such fertilizers as it affects the outlook and beauty of the plant.

Liquid fertilizers are the best choice for bonsai. They have more controlled nutrient sources. Bonsai fertilizers come in both solid and liquid forms.

Development time period

A bonsai tree takes almost six months to first take up its form. Planting and nurturing a bonsai can be very time -consuming, the trees need proper care and high maintenance.

While Miracle-Gro does promote faster growth for plants, in the case of a bonsai that is bad. A bonsai needs time to develop and when forcefully grown using unnecessary fertilizers it will die out.

When in need of using fertilizers, it is best to use those recommended for helping a bonsai tree grow and not affect its health in the process.

Continue reading to know fertilizers that are considered safe and suitable for Bonsai trees.

Fertilizers Suitable for Growing Bonsai Trees 

Growing and maintaining a bonsai plant takes a lot of patience and nourishment. It can take up to six months for a bonsai to take its proper appearance. There are many ways you can grow a bonsai but in between the plant must have all the necessary maintenance. 

Fertilizers can help enhance the growth of bonsai trees . A proper balance of fertilizer usage can fasten the growth of your bonsai tree .

Though not all fertilizers are suited to be used upon bonsais, there are a few you can use to keep your bonsai healthy.

Let us look at some of the fertilizers suitable for growing a bonsai tree .

Fertilizing with fish emulsion

Fish emulsion works as a great fertilizer to supply all sorts of plants with resources and nutrients. This is a liquid fertilizer organically made from whole fish or fish by-products.

Unlike manufactured chemical fertilizers, fish emulsion is nature friendly. Fish emulsion is also quick plant nourishment that transfers nutrients rapidly.

Fish emulsion fertilizers often include high nitrogen, low phosphorus, and potassium levels and micronutrients, like magnesium and calcium which are healthy for a bonsai tree to grow.

Rainbow liquid vitamins

A Japanese-made liquid fertilizer enriched with vitamins and minerals. Use it right after repotting your bonsai tree to help revitalize its roots, providing proper nutrients for its growth.

Rainbow Vitamin for Bonsai trees can offer assistance, giving blooming bonsai species with the additional nutrients they need to come into a sprout.

Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets

Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets are a nutrient boost for Bonsai Trees in need of root renewal. Trees developed in containers have restricted access to supplements.

With Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer , you’ll be able to guarantee nutrient enhancement to your tree throughout the year.

It gives a year of enhancement to the soil of your tree. This helps promote new development while also building a solid root framework for your bonsai tree.

Leaves and Soul Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets

This is a solid-based tree fertilizer. Comes with a slow-release option from the brand Leaves and Soul. These pellets hold firm on the soil even with regular watering and their smooth, slow-release formula means that the roots will not be damaged.  

The slow release of nutrients helps a bonsai absorb all of its supplements and resources. This helps a bonsai stay healthy as it doesn’t receive too many fertilizers.

BioGold Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets 

Another form of solid fertilizers suited for a bonsai tree is BioGold. They firmly stay on top and stay in place, slowly releasing vital nutrients and beneficial bacteria to your bonsai tree.

This fertilizer is also beneficial for other houseplants. Reportedly, the well-balanced nutrient and mineral formula promotes a higher number of blooms for a bonsai.

Bonsai Plant Food Organic Liquid Fertilizer

This is a brilliant organic liquid option from The Grow Co. It provides bonsai trees with strong and healthy growth over time. Made with organic components the fertilizers do not contain any harmful or strong chemicals to damage delicate trees such as bonsais. 

Bonsai Plant Food contains a formulated blend of essential micronutrients and minerals. These fertilizers are released quickly to the roots, trunk, and branches of the bonsai for healthy and faster growth .


Fertilizing with Miracle-Gro is dangerous to Bonsai trees, and you should avoid using it. Miracle-Gro contains off-chemicals that are harmful to the soil.

Bonsais require a lot of nourishment, and Miracle-Gro does not have adequate levels of phosphorus needed to grow a bonsai.