Bonsai Shears: The Beginner Guide To Buying Scissors

  • By: Josh Koop
  • Date: February 8, 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.
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Cutting, trimming, and pruning are all done using shears. Shears are made in different categories, depending on different areas of their application.

Are you searching for the perfect pair of shears for pruning Bonsai trees and flowers in your garden? Search no further! This article covers all you may need to know about getting the right Bonsai shears.

Bonsai shears are the most efficient and versatile cutting tool for maintaining the beauty of Bonsai trees. Bonsai shears typically refer to extra-small scissor tools that are most effective in trimming branches, roots, leaves, twigs of bonsai plant species, delicate flowers, and shrubbery.

There are various bonsai shears in different sizes and features used for different cutting purposes.

Using the wrong shears for cutting or trimming will produce poor results hence, it will be helpful to know which Bonsai scissors are best suited for a particular cutting task.

If you are looking forth to pruning your Bonsai plants , you should consider reading to the end to get the best guides necessary when shopping for your bonsai cutting tools.

What are bonsai shears?

Bonsai shears are effective cutting scissors suited to produce the best results when shaping bonsai trees.

Bonsai shears can be used on other delicate plant species, but as its name indicates, it is most suited to shape bonsai plant species.

Good results from bonsai shears can only be achieved if the shears are used accordingly for the right purpose.

 Each type of scissors has a different role in the process of cutting. Some of the different types of shears are; plier scissors, trimmers, pincer shears, bud shears, and pruning shears.

Among this variety, some shears are considered a prerequisite for any effective cutting process of bonsai plants. 

Which are the most important bonsai shears for beginners?

Though every bonsai shear is unique in its function, some are a “must-have” tool for every beginner in bonsai plant care. A different tool may be required at every cutting stage, depending on the result you want to obtain.

 Below are the most basic tools every beginner should look out for when shopping for bonsai shears.

Concave cutters

Every Bonsai artist beginner should have a concave cutter . This tool allows small and large bonsai branches to be cut off to promote healing to the rest of the plant.

Without this tool, an ugly bump may be formed on the plant.

Butterfly shears

It is the tool mostly used for the tasks of pruning and cutting. It is designed to have a short blade length, and it is sharp enough to cut through strong thick branches that other tools won’t penetrate.

In addition to this, you can also use it to trim overgrown foliage and produce delicate cuts through branches.

Long-handled bud shears

Bud shears designs are perfect for snipping small branches, sprouts, and buds. The long handle of the bud shear makes it easier to prune within the foliage and gives the plant the desired shape.

Pruning with this tool ensures that the plant grows in the direction of sunlight.

A pair of sharp scissors

Trimming and pruning are not limited to the leaves and branches. The roots also need to be pruned during each repotting phase.

Root pruning will enhance the development of a fine compact root system.

Root hook

A root hook will ease the process of de-tangling tangled roots without causing any damage to the roots of young bonsai plants.

In repotting the plant and removing old soil, the root hook also comes in very handy. However, hook roots can be replaced with chopsticks that are less costly.


There are different models of root hooks. Some have multiple hooks, and others have a single hook.

You may damage your bonsai roots by using a multiple root hook as a beginner. It is therefore advisable to go for simple root hooks.

Where can I purchase quality bonsai shears?

Having quality tools is a delicate factor that contributes to the life of your bonsai tree. Purchasing bad tools will put your bonsai tree at risk of having scars and wound cuts over time.

Poor quality tools will interfere with the plant’s health and disrupt your plan design for the bonsai plant.

 It is preferable to order your tools directly from the manufacturer to ensure that the tools you are getting are the best.

However, beginners having just a single bonsai plant to manage do not need any complex tools.

They can easily get the basics from credible online stores such as; ETSY and eBay stores.

What are the common mistakes made by beginners when using bonsai shears?

Bonsai plants are relatively more delicate than other plant types, so you should provide constant care and pay attention to make them grow nicely.

Beginners in the art of managing bonsai plants should take note of these three common mistakes made.

Overwatering or underwatering your bonsai plant

Although this aspect can be confusing to understand as a beginner, there is a solution for you. Use a chopstick to check soil moisture level before watering.

Water the plant adequately only when the soil gets slightly dry.

Persistent Pruning

Pruning your bonsai plant can be very relaxing as it gives you a sense of attachment when carrying out the task.

Though this practice is good, it can become detrimental to the plant if it is done continuously over time.

When you prune, do it slowly, removing diseased and broken branches. After that, give your plant enough time to recover from the exercise.  

Keep the plant constantly indoors

Bonsai plants all require adequate sunlight for them to grow healthy. They also require a period of dormancy triggered by cold temperatures.

No matter how much you take care of them, they will eventually die if you fail to expose them to sunlight.


Bonsai plants grow into beautiful trees if properly handled. As long as you identify the bonsai shears you need and succeed in getting the good ones, you are on a good footing towards achieving a perfect bonsai plant.

However, we cannot overemphasize the correct usage of these bonsai tools.

You could have the best tools, but if you fail to practice good techniques, your plant may die. Use the tools for healthier bonsai plant growth and long lifespan bonsai shear tools.

As a beginner, it will be wise to pose your doubts to experts who will help you grow your plants.

Thanks for reading, We hope you learned!