Why Adding Bonsai to the Bedroom Helps Aid Relaxation

  • By: Josh Koop
  • Date: March 3, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.
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Over time, people have begun to appreciate the value of bonsai plants. Firstly, it adds visual appeal to your home, and second because it provides psychological and health advantages. This may intrigue you to put a bonsai plant in your bedroom. However, most naturally, you may also question whether is bonsai good for the bedroom or not.

In essence, this plant is a combination of the greatest features to provide you with whatever you desire in your home. It’s an appealing, loving, and growing plant that is simple to look after and does not require much maintenance. This plant can also give you great relief from stress and anxiety.

Apart from this, there are other reasons why this plant helps relieve stress and make you feel calm. This article will talk about these reasons as well as give information about how you can care for a bonsai plant in your bedroom. 

How A Bonsai In Your Bedroom Can Help You Relax?

A bonsai tree, similar to several other plants, may give a variety of health advantages. It can add a hint of nature to the surroundings around you. However, aside from being a product of beauty, it can also substantially improve the quality of one’s life by interacting on many levels such as emotional as well as physical.

Let’s take a deeper into the various ways a bonsai in your bedroom can help your body and mind relax: 

Relieves Stress

This is one of the plant’s greatest features. When you are with them, it is hard to be frustrated or irritated because they bring so much tranquility and calmness to your life. 

Keeping it in your bedroom is the most helpful as that is where you usually spend the most time. You can also add it to your office table. This will aid you to remain calm and collected during stressful days.

Purifies The Air

Another major benefit of having a bonsai in your bedroom is that it helps to cleanse the air and decrease pollutants. The air that you breathe in might be hazardous to your health, deteriorating your lungs even further.

Toxins should be removed from the air by finding means to cleanse them. In your home, bonsai serves as a natural filter of air, providing you with clean air to breathe.

Stimulates A Healthy Way Of Living

Bonsai provides a number of health advantages that encourage people to live an active lifestyle. It can also assist with general health, fighting colds, household illnesses, and exhaustion. 

If you keep a bonsai plant in your bedroom, you will notice that you feel immediately energized and rejuvenated. This is because it has a good intellectual effect in addition to its physical advantages. You will feel at ease and calm in your mind.

Builds Patience And Are Easy To Care For

It not only relieves mental tension, but it even cultivates patience. In your daily life, you will be much more tolerant and calm. Caring for these plants will also instill optimism in you and make you feel wonderful. 

Bonsai plants do not need a lot of care. All they require is some sunlight, some water every now and then, and some pruning. Bonsai plants will offer you so much in return that you will have a sense of fulfillment in your life.

However, everything in this world has both positive and negative sides to it. Similarly, there are also cons to keeping bonsai plants in your home. However, it is quite unlikely that their disadvantages will overpower the benefits they bring to you.

Things To Consider When Keeping A Bonsai In Your Bedroom

Always keep in mind that taking care of a bonsai tree inside your bedroom is not the same as caring for plants in containers. Bonsai trees are grown in tiny pots with little space for fertilizers and water. As a result, adequate maintenance is essential. 

Below is the list of all you can do to take proper care of your bonsai plants indoors.

Provide Sufficient Light

One of the biggest issues you will face if you keep a bonsai plant inside is that the intensity of light is considerably lesser than it is outside. The light in your bedroom may be insufficient for nearly all bonsai plants. This will prevent your bonsai from growing.

The leaves will also not regrow, making trimming them almost impossible.

Trees do not perish immediately when there is a low intensity of light, but their development slows down over time, making the plant weak. If there is a sunny area in front of your window, then you can place your bonsai there facing south to avert this negative effect.

In addition, your bonsai will also require artificial illumination. Using fluorescent lights can help in this case.

Provide More Humidity

If you are cultivating a bonsai tree that is tropical, then you will also face issues such as low levels of humidity.

Keep in mind that if your bedroom heats up or if there is air conditioning, it will lower the humidity of the air, which can be detrimental to the plant. However, you can raise the humidity surrounding your bonsai.

You can simply put the tree in a water-filled humidifier tray. Mist the plant a couple of times a day as well. You can also open your window during the daytime to encourage the circulation of air.

This will help the bonsai in your room to maintain the level of humidity it requires to thrive indoors.

Fertilize Your Bonsai And Water It

One key tip to remember while fertilizing and watering your bonsai is to prevent doing it every day. Use a moisture meter to check if your bonsai has dried, or you can also use your fingers to determine it. If the plant is fully dry, then that is the only time you can water it. 

Although bonsai does not require a lot of fertilizer, it will require some when growing it in your bedroom. The minerals that your bonsai requires are determined by a variety of variables. 

Maintaining The Correct Temperature

Bonsai plants require rather great temperatures to grow as they are tropical. They can withstand a normal room temperature all throughout the year, but not temperatures below freezing.

Bonsai trees that are subtropical, on the other hand, can withstand lesser temperatures. When temperatures drop, semi-tropical bonsai typically do better. They survive pretty well in the winter when the temperature is below the normal temperature of a room.

If you ask yourself, can I keep a bonsai tree in my room, then the answer will be yes, but there are certain types? There are 9 typical kinds of bonsai plants that are suitable for your bedroom. Not all bonsai plants do well indoors. 

You just need to know the right ones to keep in your room. Moreover, if you just keep any species of bonsai plant in your room without the correct knowledge, your plant will not survive no matter how much you take care of it.


Now that you know whether or not is bonsai good for the bedroom, you can easily keep one in your bedroom. It will make you feel calmer and relaxed after a tiring day. However, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that your plant survives indoors. 

Thanks for reading the whole article. And I hope this helped you learn more on how you can improve your quality of life by investing some time from your day on an indoor bonsai. Until next time, farewell.